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Monday, June 2, 2008

MyspaceInfo2u - Myspace Chat Widget & Unblock Myspace Via Google

LiveChat2IM is an excellent javascript widget that you can embed in your Myspace (or any other webpage) and your visitors will be able to chat with you on your favorite chat network. Currently LiveChat2IM supports MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, Jabber and AIM. Its free to use
(unless you
want to embed it in multiple sites) and is a great way for you to stay connected to your myspace friends! Check it out!

Here is another trick for accessing myspace on a network that has blocked it (such as school or work). The way it works is your use google translator and use it to translate from english to
english. This allows you to use Google as a proxy for myspace. The beauty of it is that Google translator is a site that isn't likely to get blocked by restrictive network policies. Check it out! (via hackszine)

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MyspaceInfo2u - Free Pass Firewall With SSH Tunnel

Getting to Myspace on a network that has blocked access is a very hot topic here. We've provided several different articles and lists of proxies but some of you are still having troubles due to restrictive network security. If you are not afraid to get technical and geek out then you might want to try setting up an SSH tunnel to your home network which can be used to freely and privately browse any website you want. Here is an excellent article containing a step by step tutorial for setting up an SSH tunnel.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Myspaceinfo2u - Myheritage Celebrity Look Alike Celebrity

MyHeritage.com has a really cool little widget that uses facial recognition software to compare a picture of you to pictures of thousands of celebrities to determine which celebrities look the most like you. You can display the results on your profile in a widget containing a collage of you and all the celebrities that look like you. It works remarkable well. Check it out!

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